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Around New York now may be a good time for you to invest in real estate, because prices have dropped significantly from what they were in recent years past.  Homes, commercial properties, and even many leases are less expensive.  However, price alone does not determine the soundness of an investment in real estate or business.  Several other financial and legal factors must be considered. 

The Law Office of Isa Abdur-Rahman, PLLC, can assist you in evaluating the financial and legal factors associated with your real estate and entrepreneurial investments helping to prequalify investment opportunities that meet your criteria.  Our office advises clients concerning direct investments into real estate and business ownership; we do not offer advice concerning investments into securities in the stock market.

Below are some of the types of transactions for which our firm has advised its clients:  

  • Home purchases

  • Income property investments

  • Construction and renovation projects

  • Store and office leases

  • Purchase of an existing business

  • Co-ownership of a property or business entity

  • Private loan transactions

Additionally, our office handles real estate litigation matters, including foreclosure defense, construction litigation, fraud, title disputes, and contract claims.

Please review this site for more information and call us at (212) 920-5221 or (718) 262-0682 to discuss your specific needs.


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